This DIY Disinfectant Spray Uses Just 2 Simple Ingredients and One of Them Is Your Christmas Tree

published Dec 6, 2022
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A pink and blue tree skirt under a Christmas tree

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but if you’re like me, it’s also the season for cleaning. We’re prepping for (or cleaning up after) holiday parties, battling whatever god-awful flu the kids have brought home from school, and personally — as someone who has a small zoo’s worth of pets at home — I’m constantly dusting, wiping, and sweeping all year long.

So when I came across viral content creator Armen Adamjan’s (@creative_explained) video for creating what’s basically a homemade PineSol disinfectant, I knew I’d be hooked. The concept is pretty simple — clip some of those branches off your fresh Christmas tree (maybe the ugly ones in the back?), pack them into an airtight jar, and top with distilled white vinegar. Set that jar aside for a couple of weeks, giving it a vigorous shake every once in a while, and when the liquid has turned amber, strain it into a spray bottle. 

We are constantly trying to limit the use of commercial chemicals in my house, and my husband is a big fan of using vinegar as a cleaning solution whenever and wherever we can. While I’m generally on board with the make-it-yourself approach to cleaning, I’m not the biggest fan of having my house smell like it’s been pickled. This cleaning solution, with its pine-scented notes, is the perfect holiday antidote to that problem. Heck, who doesn’t want their house to smell like a gorgeous pine forest all year long?

Adamjan points out that the disinfectant properties of the vinegar and the well-known antibacterial qualities of the pine needles combine to create the perfect DIY holiday cleaner. Use it on your floors, mirrors, and counters — it’ll give all the holiday cheer with none of the harmful chemicals found in commercial pine-scented cleaners.

So whether before you decorate your tree or before you haul it to the curb later this month, make sure to save some of those branches for a wintery homemade cleaner that’ll have you whistling “Jingle Bells” as you wipe down the kitchen even in the summer.

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