This DIY Charcuterie Board Will Cost You Just $1 and Uses Items You May Already Have at Home

published May 13, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman
The Ultimate Aldi Charcuterie Board Starts at Just $5 per Person

By the time you’re done treating yourself to all of those cured meats and stinky cheeses, putting together a charcuterie spread can get expensive. But thankfully for us all, self-proclaimed market disruptor and game-changer @blackgirlsintraderjoes eases the pain of making the actual board a bit with her $1 DIY charcuterie board.

Perfect for your meat-and-cheese moment (or a board of any style), per her instructions all you need are a couple of Target’s Room Essentials plastic plates and bowls, currently retailing for 50 cents each and available in a ton of colors. To be honest, any cheap plastic dishware will do, but be sure the plate you choose has a rim so items don’t fall off. The 10.5-inch size of the Target plates is also ample enough to pack on the snacks. 

Pick up some Goo Gone for peeling off those pesky stickers and Gorilla Glue for attaching the items together. Invert the bowl, then simply place dots of glue around the rim. Then place the plate on top, pressing and holding for a few moments, per the Gorilla Glue instructions.

One of her 228,000 followers who loved the hack found it also useful as a pretty plant pedestal as well, so use your imagination!

Another bargain for your board are these $8 espresso spoons, perfect for dolloping on mustards or sauces.