10 Brilliant Holiday Decor Ideas Using Items You Already Have

published Nov 16, 2023
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Christmas snow globe.
Credit: Heather Barnes

Decorating for the holidays is easily one of the greatest traditions of the season. But with the hefty cost of buying gifts, preparing a robust holiday meal, and potential seasonal travel to see loved ones, adding decor to the shopping list may be out of the budget this holiday season. If you’re looking to cut costs this year, or even just decorate more sustainably, creators across TikTok have shared some of their favorite ways to DIY holiday decor using items you already have at home — and their ideas are truly brilliant.

Whether you’re searching for an updated kitchen centerpiece, an additional wreath, or a new Christmas tree skirt, these DIYers have you covered. Here are 10 of our favorite DIY holiday decor ideas you’ll want to try in your own home ASAP: 

1. Giant Snow Globe

DIY expert and influencer Ashley Savage certainly has no shortage of ingenious holiday decor ideas, but this one just may take the cake. The creator used a wooden bowl and a round glass vase (kind of like a fish bowl) that fit perfectly together to create a dreamy snow-covered Christmas tree scene, complete with glittery crafting snow and light-up iridescent trees. But feel free to skip the trees and design a stage of your own — the possibilities are truly endless! (DIY influencer Heather Barnes also created an adorable version filled with flocked trees, a ceramic cottage, and a deer!).

2. Bundt Pan Centerpiece

While this stunning centerpiece idea by Unicorn Dust Designs is designed for fall, just a few tweaks will make it the perfect focal point for this year’s holiday meal. Grab your old Bundt pan, hot glue a few floral foam squares to the interior so everything is secure, then add in your faux (or real) florals — the creator purchased theirs from Dollar Tree. Instead of opting for autumn oranges, go for reds, greens, and whites for a more wintry look. “The more variety in the florals you have when doing the arrangement, the higher-end it’s going to look,” she says in the video.

3. Ornament Candle Holder

This upcycled centerpiece by Erika of @herzenstimme would make the most tasteful centerpiece for your dining table or kitchen counter. All you need is a piece of plywood, hot glue, a few old ornaments, tall candles, and holiday decorations and trimmings of your choice. If you’re having guests over this year, they won’t believe this piece is homemade — and you can go even bigger to make your own menorah.

4. Dried Orange Wreath

Who says wreaths have to be green? This adorable wreath by creator Robyn Chubey consists of dried orange slices, hot glue, jute twine, and ribbons. “Hang it on a window to have it light up, or just pop it up anywhere that needs a bright and organic holiday twist,” Chubey wrote in the caption. “And yes, these dried orange slices will last years and years … so don’t throw them out! Every year I add to my collection!” Plus, they’re really easy to make.

5. Toilet Paper Roll Snowflakes

Before you recycle your old toilet paper rolls, put the cardboard to good use and make the cutest snowflakes from Origami Studio. While the tutorial may seem a little daunting, once you get the hang of it, the art is as easy as Christmas pie. You may even be able to get your older kids involved for a crafty holiday activity!

6. Balloon Ornaments

If you’re looking to try a different color scheme for your tree this year, there’s no need to purchase any new ornaments, thanks to this brilliant trick from creator @tanyahomeinspo. Just trim off the base of a balloon and cover the ornaments you already own to design a whole new bauble. You can even get creative and try out some patterned balloons — there’s infinite possibility here, and the best part is that no one will ever know the difference!

7. Book Tree

For all the bookworms out there, this one’s for you. Nothing is cozier than being surrounded by books — which is probably why most of us have too many — so why not combine the warmth of your favorite novels with holiday festivities? TikToker @alistofreads stacked books in the shape of a tree before draping it with string lights. You’ll save money on a shrub this year, plus, you’ll be doing your part for the planet! (Plus, it does zero damage to your beloved books.)

8. Pool Noodle Holiday Candles 

If you were thinking about getting rid of those old pool noodles taking up space in your garage, look no further than this DIY project. To make this elegant candle piece by @dollartree_craft, all you need are some old pool noodles, a basket, flameless tealight candles, metallic spray paint, and some hot glue to hold everything together.

9. Candy Cane Centerpiece

The most challenging part of building this centerpiece by @tannerandchandler is trying not to eat the materials! Grab your favorite glass jar and line the inside with wrapped candy canes before filling the vessel with peppermint Hershey’s Kisses — or your favorite holiday treat of choice. For some extra flair, top the display off with some faux roses or a poinsettia.

10. Cardboard Box Christmas Tree Skirt

Those cardboard boxes you have stashed in your closest are about to become super useful. TikToker Andrea of @happieverlyafter took an old cardboard box and transformed it into a practical Christmas tree skirt in just a few simple steps. The creator weighed down the box before placing the tree inside and then covered the base with a white blanket to keep the cardboard hidden, crafting the coziest foundation for free.

What’s your favorite holiday craft using things you already own? Let us know in the comments below!