This DIY Garbage Bag Storage Bin Is a Cheap and Chic Alternative to Keeping Your Aesthetic Intact

published May 26, 2023
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someone putting a white trash bag into. trash can
Credit: Sarah Crowley

TikTok can be an excellent source of inspiration and creative ideas on top of its already endless wealth of videos featuring people performing the same, silly choreographed dances. No matter what you use the popular social media app for, it is very likely that you have found plenty of videos describing a new hack for your home or kitchen that you may have otherwise never heard of. Whether it be a hack for keeping your cookies soft or the trick to keeping your upholstery clean, TikTok has grown to offer a little something for everyone — even if the hack is not so much of a hack after all. 

The most recent viral phenomenon, however, exists because of a simple at-home product that is sold exclusively at Target. As per a video posted by Gabriella Atty on the app, the newest trick for garbage bag storage uses a short sliding storage bin and its lid to store rolls of garbage bags. The best part is that the bags can be pulled out and dispensed through one of the handle holes in the bin, imitating the purpose of the box the bags originally come in. 

Some commenters were quick to express their concern for the negative effects of consumerism, with one user pointing out, “the box they come in already has this feature at NO EXTRA COST,” while another user said that “one pull and the whole basket and board coming for a ride.”

Upon checking out the storage bin in question, which retails for only $7 (the lid as well at the same price), it is clear that while there may be some concern for how well this hack works, the bin is actually far more aesthetically pleasing than a cardboard box with garbage bag branding all over it. In a neatly organized closet in the home of someone who enjoys a clean aesthetic look, this $14 storage option actually makes more sense and will never fall apart like a thin cardboard box. 

As someone who generally cringes at the use of the word “hack,” this is one hack that I can actually get behind, despite what the haters think. If I could make only one suggestion, it would be to do what makes you happy, because we all know just how happy some solid at-home storage and organization can make us.