You Can Make This DIY Fabric Deodorizer Using Household Ingredients

published Mar 18, 2022
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No matter how often you clean and tidy up, odors seem to invariably creep inespecially if you have pets. The furniture will take on a little extra something-something, like the lingering scent of your dog well after she hopped off the couch. Shampooing the upholstery is effective but it’s a whole thing, and certainly not something you want to do on a weekly basis.

If any of this rings true for you, then you’ll want to hear about cleaning guru Vanessa Amaro‘s hot tip. In a recent Instagram Reel, Amaro demonstrates her homemade deodorizing spray which she likes to use on her couch. In a spray bottle (specifically this one), Amaro combines half a cup of water, a quarter cup of alcohol, and some fabric softener. She says in the video to use less softener for a lighter scent and more for a stronger scent. Then spray on your couch, take a whiff, and enjoy.

Amaro has gotten some skeptical comments on her post, so she addressed them in an updated caption. In response to concerns about the spray leaving a sticky residue, she recommends not using too much fabric softener and says to avoid using the spray on leather furniture. If you prefer not to use fabric softener, she says you can use a small amount of essential oils instead.

The best part is that you probably already have the ingredients needed to make this DIY fabric deodorizer sitting around your house. It’s certainly worth a try, as it costs pennies to make — just test it out on an older piece of furniture first to be safe. With any luck, you’ll be saying bye-bye to unpleasant odors in no time.