This DIY Solution Claims to Keep Dust Away for a Month’s Time Span

published Jun 17, 2022
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Somone using dusting rag to wipe wooden table
Credit: Sarah Crowley

Growing up, my Saturday mornings were not spent sleeping in, watching cartoons, or indulging in self-care. Instead, they were a special time for family bonding as we worked collectively to clean the house from top to bottom. Now that I’m an adult, the fresh, clean scent of Pine-Sol and other cleaning products is permanently etched in my mind. And while I may not have the family crew helping me every Saturday like in years past, some lessons learned during that time will forever hold a place in my heart. 

As I’ve grown more conscious about the products I use to clean my home, I’ve developed a love for a good homemade cleaning solution. So, when I stumbled upon the self-proclaimed “home hacks queen” Carolina Mccauley’s (@carolina.mccauley on Instagram) latest cleaning formula to ensure a dust-free home, I knew I had to share it with everyone. 

With only five simple ingredients, you too can have a practical solution that keeps every nook and cranny of your home dust-free and potentially saves you money. Start by adding two cups of water into a spray bottle. Next, you’ll add some vinegar, olive oil, three drops of dish soap, and 20 drops of your favorite citrus essential oil. The last step is optional, but I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a fresh scent. All that’s left now is grabbing a good microfiber cloth to spray the solution on and wipe off any dusty surfaces.

The solution not only removes the dust filling your home, but according to Carolina, it also repels future dust. In order to sustain the results, however, she recommends repeating this process monthly. Once a month dusting may be a huge shift from your weekly routine, but it’s definitely worth a try if it gives me back my Saturday mornings.

I vividly remember the pressure to impress my mother with my cleaning because she always rewarded me with a delicious treat if I did well. Though I don’t have my mom to impress this time around, the best part of cleaning as an adult is that I can continue that legacy with tasty treats like homemade Oreo popsicles and honey butter Rice Krispies because life is all about balance.