These DIY Disinfecting Wipes Use Just 3 Ingredients and You Probably Already Have Them at Home

published Jun 16, 2022
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Stack of folded cloth napkins
Credit: Joe Lingeman

In our endless scrolling on Instagram, we’ve stumbled upon yet another cleaning hack that we need to try ASAP. Creators on Instagram have shown us about the cleaning powers of denture tablets and how to make a DIY fridge cleaning spray, and this time we’re getting a crash course in making our own disinfecting wipes.

Self-proclaimed home-hacks queen Carolina McCauley recently posted a Reel demonstrating how to make disinfectant wipes. And the best part is, it uses stuff you most likely already have at home.

She takes a glass jar with a tight seal and fills it with water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and essential oil. The essential oil drops are optional, but will leave behind a nice smell. She adds some small cleaning towels to the jar, closes it, and shakes it to ensure the towels are soaked with the cleaning liquid. “They are fantastic for cleaning and smell amazing,” one of the Reel captions reads.

On the post, someone asked McCauley how long you can keep the towels in the jar before they go bad, and she responded that she usually keeps hers in there for two weeks. Regarding the glass container, McCauley emphasizes the importance of an airtight seal so that the wipes don’t dry out. To avoid dirtying up your solution, be sure to throw the towel into the laundry after you’re done using. And that’s it!

We love the reusable aspect of this cleaning hack, and the fact that we can use our favorite essential oils to customize them. But honestly, who doesn’t love a sustainable and money-saving option for the home? I know I do!