DIY Deli Meats: 9 Recipes to Make at Home

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Don’t like those plastic-packaged, mass-produced logs of deli meat that they sell at the grocery stores? Me neither. I’m thinking of trying my hand at some deli-style roast beef or even homemade bologna, starting with these recipes.

1. Perfect Roast Beef from Saveur – This slow-cooked roast beef seems like one of the easiest ways to ease into making our own deli meat.

2. Weekend Pot Roast from The Kitchn – This crock-pot version of roast beef is an even easier way to make your own sandwich meat.

3. Paté de Campagne from Bon Appétit – Traditionally served as an appetizer, this paté would also make an excellent sandwich spread.

4. Duck Prosciutto from Michael Ruhlman – Based on his recipe from Ratio, using duck breasts is a less labor- and time-intensive way of play with homemade prosciutto.

5. Big Daddy’s Homemade Pastrami from The Food Network – A good recipe to make on a lazy Sunday afternoon, and we’d enjoy it all week long!

6. Homemade Salami from Just a Pinch – This isn’t cured for long storage like traditional salami, but we have no doubt it makes a mean sandwich.

7. Homemade Chicken “Ham” from Just Bento – A very interesting Japanese cooking method gives chicken a similar texture to cold-cut deli meat.

8. Real Homemade Bologna from All Recipes – This recipe sounds closer to salami than the bologna we see in the cases, but delicious all the same.

9. Baked Country Ham from Leite’s Culinaria – And finally, thin-sliced ham the way it should be.

Have you ever tried making your own lunch meat?