This Easy DIY Cleaning Hack Involves Freezing Dishwashing Liquid

published Jun 21, 2022
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Someone cleaning oven rack
Credit: Sarah Crowley

For me, cooking things in the oven often means minimal to no dishes (especially if I line my baking sheets with aluminum foil). One thing I definitely slack on, though, is cleaning the oven. Oven racks, in particular, can get greasy and grimy after too many frozen pizzas or reheating last night’s leftovers. Thankfully, UK brand Fabulosa (not to be confused with Fabuloso) has a hack to make cleaning oven racks easier than ever.

In an Instagram Reel promising “lemony fresh sparkling oven racks without the super scrubbing,” Fabulosa Lemon Sherbet dishwashing soap is poured into mini muffin molds and thrown in the freezer. They then use the frozen soap tabs to clean off built-up grime, rubbing the soap against the dirty oven racks and adding some water to speed up the process. A Reel caption notes that the frozen soap tabs are also great for throwing into sinks, oven trays, and pans to soak.

People in the comments are split on whether or not this qualifies as a hack. Some users note that this hack is just extra work and a waste of time, while others recommend using an S.O.S soap pad instead. Others say that they “love this idea” and that it’s “worth a try.”

What do you think? Would you try this hack? Since my sink isn’t large enough to soak an oven tray, I’d give it a shot.