Smart, Cheap Storage & Organization Idea for Canned Goods

1031soupholder.jpg During the fall and winter months, many of us have a larger stockpile of canned goods on hand. Depending on your pantry, cabinets or storage space, they aren’t always easy to arrange for easy access. This simple storage idea helps you group similar cans together and find them with ease. Can you guess what it’s made from?

This canned goods storage system was created using an empty soda pop cardboard box. It was covered in nice paper and labeled. It makes open racking storage a bit easier on the eyes and in-cabinet storage simpler to find what you need.

One of the hardest problems with canned goods is being able to see what you have. This gets especially tricky when you only have one or two cans of something and spend 20 minutes digging for the right one. This method would allow you to store vegetables together or soups and so forth so. Even if you have to pick from just a few cans, your task will come along much faster.

Sure you can buy retail products that do this, but at this price (which could even be free if your household or a friends/relatives is a soda drinker), it’ a great “do something with nothing trick.”

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(Image: Then She Made)