DIY Backpainted Glass Backsplashes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We haven’t done this project ourselves (yet), but it’s something we’re considering for our own kitchen. So, we set out to find DIY backpainted glass on the web. Let’s just say it’s not very widely represented. So, while we aren’t going to venture to tell you how to do this (yet!), we would like to share with you what little we turned up:

Judging from the examples collected here, it sounds as though a backpainted glass backsplash is definitely a possible DIY. It costs a pretty penny to hire it done – and many will try to sway you in that direction – but those who have done it and succeeded generally seem to recommend it. Here are a few examples as pictured above:

  • A stunning blue example using a product called Glass Primer.
  • Read the story of Terri Brandmueller’s backsplash at Frugalbits.

(Images: Glass Primer, Skyhooks and other Projects, Casey Phaisalakani/Frugalbits)