Ditch the Plastic Wrap and Foil, Thanks to These Silicone Lids

You know we’re big fans of Get it Right (aka GIR) here at The Kitchn. They make our go-to silicone spatula, not to mention brightly colored spoons, the all-important bench scraper, and their game-changing silicone lids. Now those lids fit your rectangular and square baking dishes in addition to your round ones. Say so long to the plastic wrap and aluminum foil!

First off, let’s review what these lids do. They create an airtight seal on top of your baking dishes, they’re heat resistant up to 550°F, and they’re both reusable and dishwasher-safe.

This means that you no longer have to cover that casserole with aluminum foil; instead you can prep it the day before, put on your GIR lid, and take it straight from fridge to oven to table for dinner.

The new rectangular versions come in a 9×13-, 9×9-, and 9×6-inch (or loaf pan) size. The only challenge is choosing which color to buy.