Disney’s New Channel Is Basically the Food Network for Kids

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Having your kids help in the kitchen is one of the best ways to get them interested in cooking and trying different foods. And kids who feel like they can cook are more likely to be more adventurous and healthful eaters as adults!

Now Disney is looking to bring kids into the food world with a new cooking video channel for kids called Disney Eats.

Disney Eats is designed to teach kids about food and nutrition while encouraging “co-cooking” experiences where young families to cook together. It features a lot of Disney-themed cooking videos, like some seriously impressive Dory pancakes and Mickey Mouse macarons.

And according to Delish, Disney Eats says its new programming will follow nutritional standards and steer kids towards healthful eating and away from too much salt and sugar.

Disney is partnering with Tastemade for its new content, which means we’re going to get new, Disney-themed videos from Tiny Kitchen, that mesmerizing viral video series about making super-tiny, edible replicas of normal-sized food in an itty-bitty dollhouse-sized kitchen that’s still fully functional.

There will also be new Disney-themed episodes of Kitchen Little, a super-cute series where children team up with professional chefs to recreate dishes. But the twist is that the kids watch a video about how to make the food, then go in and make the food with the chef, who has not seen the video and has to follow the kid’s instructions without knowing what the dish is supposed to be. It sounds really sweet.

Kids seem to adore this kind of stuff, too. My toddler would watch videos of people decorating fancy cookies all day if I let her. And I’m a big fan of Cooking with Dog; whenever my kid sees a video of the chef and Francis cooking something like sushi or okonomiyaki, she wants to try it herself.

So I’m curious to see what she makes of Disney Eats’ new kid-focused food programming, and if she thinks Kitchen Little is as cute as I do. Maybe it can even convince her to make cauliflower pancakes.