3 Surprising Things You Should Be Cleaning in the Dishwasher

updated Oct 10, 2019
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There are plenty of things you should never toss in the dishwasher. Even surprising things! For example, did you know that it’s really best to hand-wash all of your cookware — even the pieces that say they’re dishwasher-safe? (It’s fine to toss that skillet in once in a while, but the heat from the dishwasher can mess with the pan if you run it through there all the time.) But there are also some surprising things you should be washing in the dishwasher.

Here are three of the most surprising things.

1. Dish Brushes 

It’s a good idea to regularly disinfect dish brushes to avoid spreading germs on your clean plates, cups, and flatware. The easiest way to keep your brushes clean? The dishwasher! As long as your brushes don’t have wooden handles, you can put them in the top rack or silverware holder, bristle end-up, and run a regular cycle. 

Credit: Joe Lingeman/Apartment Therapy

2. Fridge Shelves 

A clean fridge is so rewarding, but the process of giving your fridge a good, deep clean can take lots of time and effort. Why not cut the time in half by putting your fridge shelves, drawers, and bins in the dishwasher? 

There are just two things you should know: First, make sure all of your fridge parts are dishwasher-safe. That means no shelves with LED lighting or super-thin plastic bins that might not withstand the extreme heat of your dishwasher. 

It’s also important to let everything sit out on your counter before you run the dishwasher. The sudden fluctuation of temperature could crack the plastic, so allow the fridge parts to come to room temp first.

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3. Your Vacuum

Did you know that you’re supposed to clean out your vacuum — including the inside of the canister — at least every three months? Your dishwasher can help!

To wash the canister, just remove the top rack of your dishwasher, then place it in at an angle on the bottom rack. Adjust your dishwasher’s temperature to cool, if possible, add your dish soap, and wash for three to six minutes. It should emerge totally clean!

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Got any other surprising things to add to this list? Leave your ideas in the comments below!