Dish the Dish: Panna Cotta in Ainsi de Suite’s Moka Cups

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We like to dream up dishes inspired by the actual dishes we own, or by little treasures we see online. Right now we’re inspired by these Moka cups from French tableware company Ainsi de Suite, available through the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. We’d put easy, cool panna cotta in these tiny cups. In fact, cups or no cups, we’re making this tonight!

Panna cotta is one of the easiest summer desserts we know. Just heat a little gelatin, cream, milk, and sugar – maybe some vanilla – let it set in the fridge, then serve it all cool and silky with berries or sauce.

We’ll come back tomorrow and give you the basic formula for panna cotta, along with some of our favorite variations. Until then, here are a couple good recipes:

And the cups are available here:

Moka Cups, $28 for a set of 6. They come in cool or warm color sets.
• Also, Matching porcelain spoons, $18 for a set of 6.