The Slightly Quirky but Totally Brilliant Way to Store Your Dish Gloves

published Jan 21, 2020
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Credit: Wojtek Skora/Getty Images

I’m not one to cast judgments, but if you’re not wearing dish gloves while you wash dishes, you really are doing it wrong. For many reasons. First, dish gloves allow you to use hotter water, which helps to loosen stuck-on gunk. They also help prevent dishpan hands (my knuckles are dry and crackly enough this time of year!) and help manicures last longer. I started regularly using dish gloves a few months ago and my only regret is that I didn’t get in the habit sooner.

I’ve been using these, which seriously feel like clouds inside. And when I finished a dish-washing session, I had just been laying them on top of my gooseneck faucet so that they could dry. Turns out, that was a terrible idea. Obviously, it’s ugly: My kitchen sink is the focal point in the room, right under the only window, and the sight of the gloves bugged me every single time I walked into the room. Additionally, the residual heat from the water running through the faucet was apparently hot enough to start melting the gloves! (Bad for the gloves and for the faucet!)

My search for a better way to store dish gloves between uses has led me to the Pegly Glove Rack. At first, I thought it was just way too quirky, but the more I think about it, the more into I become! It would definitely keep my gloves off the faucet. And I like that it’s still pretty small, so I could put it in the sink when I’m done washing dishes and then the water from the gloves would drip off and into the sink. (I have a fairly deep sink so it’d be hard to see them when you enter the kitchen. Even if you wanted to put this holder on a tea towel next to your sink, it’s got a small footprint and won’t take up that much space.) Honestly, this checks all the boxes. Sure it’s a little silly looking, but now that I’m into it, I kind of just want to give it a high five!

Where or how do you store your dish gloves between uses?