Some of Our Favorite Small Cookware Brands Are Offering Rare (and Really Good!) Labor Day Deals

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Sure, Labor Day weekend may look a tad different this year, but one thing remains the same: the massive, marvelous, can’t-miss sales! You can score big deals from stores you’d expect, like Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, and Walmart — but many of our favorite direct-to-consumer cookware brands are getting in on the action as well. These brands rarely ever go on sale or offer deals, so if you’ve been looking to treat yourself to a high-quality, thoughtfully designed piece of cookware, now’s your chance. Below, we rounded up some of the best DTC deals happening right now, so snag them while you can.

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was $385.00

A favorite with Kitchn staffers, Milo's cookware is built to deliver superior performance without the hefty price tag. And right now, you can get their cast-iron cookware sets for 20 percent off with code SAVE20. The three-piece set includes the skillet and the much-loved 3.3-qt. Dutch oven, with lid; the four-piece set includes the mini and larger 5.5-qt. Dutch oven, with lids; and the five-piece set includes both Dutch ovens, with lids, and the skillet. And while Milo’s cast iron is considerably less expensive than most high-end brands, you’re hardly skimping on quality. “It feels sturdy, cooks evenly, cleans up easily, and hasn’t stained, scratched, or chipped,” says Kitchn writer Danielle, who tested the Dutch oven.

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was $625.00

Now's your chance to score 25 percent off when you pre-order the full set of Sardel cookware. That’s right, you have to pre-order it because Sardel’s Italian-made cookware is so popular and almost always out of stock. The full set includes a 2-qt. saucepan, 4-qt. sauté pan, 8-qt. stockpot, 10-inch skillet, 12-inch skillet, and even the 10-inch nonstick skillet, which Kitchn Lifestyle Director, Lisa, called “one of the most nonsticky nonstick skillets I’ve ever used.” While the cookware has weighty 5-ply construction (three layers of aluminum wrapped in two layers of stainless steel), Lisa says “it’s not too heavy for my weak little wrists.” The brand knows what it's doing; after all, Sardel partnered with a third-generation, family-owned steel business based in Italy, so their cookware also features important details like heat-resistant handles and curved edges that make pouring easier.

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Pattern Brands
was $363.00

Equal Parts is offering 20 percent off all orders over $150 with code ROAST20. They’ve got everything from dishwasher-safe accessories like mixing bowls and cutting boards to pots and pans sold as a set or à la carte. Created with the millennial chef in mind, the nonstick cookware wipes clean in seconds. And it’s made with ceramic, so it’s free of harmful chemicals. But where it really sets itself apart is in the design: The cookware stacks easily, making it ideal for those with limited storage space. Plus, the lids are interchangeable, so you’re never stuck trying to balance a too-big lid on a little pot. And as Kitchn’s Features Director, Arie, pointed out when she tried the 6-piece stovetop set: “Not only does Equal Parts want you to succeed in the kitchen, but it also wants to help you to maintain a beautiful, efficient space."

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Field Company
was $150.00

If you've been considering adding Field Company's legendary cast-iron skillets to your arsenal, they're currently 10 percent off with an added incentive: free accessories when you snag the Field skillet in any of three sizes. The freebies include seasoning oil when you get the No. 8 Skillet; oil and a gorgeous leather cover with the larger No. 10 Skillet; and oil, a leather cover, and a slotted stainless turner with the No. 12 Skillet. Plus, you can specify left- or right-handed when you order the turner. It’s details like those that have made Field Company’s skillets so popular — not to mention the naturally nonstick surface that makes cooking a breeze and the vintage look that glams up your stovetop. And while they’re hefty enough to use at a campground, the skillets are also lightweight enough to use every day.

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Great Jones
was $615.00

Great Jones rarely ever goes on sale or offers deals, so we're pretty thrilled to see the brand adding a free cleaning kit when you purchase the Family Style cookware set that includes all the essentials: The gorgeous Duchess (aka Dutch oven); Big Deal stockpot; Deep Cut sauté pan with high, straight sides; Saucy saucepan; Small Fry (aka skillet); and three lids. As you can tell by the names, Great Jones is all about presentation; the cookware is gorgeous, coming in seven vibrant shades, and has a unique gray enamel interior. And it’s definitely more than just a pretty face, as Danielle discovered when she tried out the Duchess, praising its “solid performance and palatable price tag.” Plus, the “glam look” doesn’t hurt, either!