Dipped Ceramic Ramekins That Make Us Feel Like Spring

If there’s one kitchen supply that I have a bit of an addiction to, it’s bowls. Not only do my roommate and I have an impressive collection of mismatched soup/cereal bowls, but we also have ramekins, latte bowls, and dessert bowls galore.

We actually use all of them fairly frequently, so I’m always looking for more to add to our collection. Next up, I’ve got my eye on this pretty pastel set.

(Image credit: World Market)

The bright colors make me think of spring, which I’m already itching for. And the size — fairly petite at just three inches across — is just right for serving up garnishes on soup night or for the perfect portion of ice cream.

But I’m most likely to use small bowls like this when setting up my mise en place. It’s so helpful to have enough bowls for all my chopped ingredients, and it’s even better when they’re bright and colorful.

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