Dinner Table Memories Of Days Gone By

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Growing up, I was lucky enough to have parents who enforced the act of eating at the dinner table. It never felt like punishment, but rather was time we all enjoyed and do this day, still tell stories about. Our nightly conversations revolved around intricate surgical procedures, High School debate wins and the latest guitar tune. What did you talk about at your family table?

The nightly conversations had around our dinner table were as different as black and white. My mother is a medical transcriptionist and spends her days typing out all sorts of medical procedures. Anything from resetting a broken bone to the removal of organs. Although I never cultivated the desire to go into the medical field, I still found her stories fascinating — plus it made watching ER and Grey’s Anatomy far more fun!

On the other hand, my brother and father are avid guitar players and our house was always full of music. Common dinner table conversation was had about chord progressions or their latest instrument find. My contribution usually revolved around my wins and losses while active on our High School debate team, or whatever sport I was playing at the time.

The dinner table was where our hectic lives came together for a few fleeting moments between meetings, homework and sports practices and it was one of the greatest habits I ever learned. The act of coming together at a table is always something special, unless of course it was that Saturday morning when I was 8 when I refused to eat my fried eggs and was told I could only be excused when they were gone. Being the stubborn girl that I was (and still am), I sat there until the nightly meal. I felt like I had won and it wouldn’t be until years later that I finally learned to appreciate an egg cooked in that manner.

What did your families dinner conversation revolve around? Did you have time to make it to the table? Were there tears? Heartbreak? Joyous occasions? Share your favorite dinner table memory in the comments below!

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