Dinner Rolls: Do You Make Your Own?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are certain things I love baking and doing from scratch. Cookies? Check. Brownies? Check. Pie? Yes, indeed. But this year as my sisters and I planned our Thanksgiving meal, dinner rolls came up and no one seemed all that enthused to break out the yeast.

We were going to make Parker House rolls but there was enough to think about that evening and rolls just seemed to be the one thing to throw everything out of whack. It brought about arguments over oven space, yeast rising times, and the big debate between dry-active yeast and instant yeast. So we thought maybe we’ll just do a quick bread. Or, how about Jim Lahey’s No-Knead Bread? Ultimately, we ended up buying good rolls at the bakery down the street when we picked up our morning coffee.

Normally I’d feel like we cheated a little — like we should’ve taken on the challenge and made them homemade. But my youngest sister said it best in this case: why not leave some things to the experts? There are really good bread bakers in the community. Let them bake our bread and we’ll focus on the turkey and mashed potatoes. And so we did.

Did you bake your own dinner rolls this year? How do you make the distinction of what is worth buying vs. making during busy meal times or holidays? Is it based on your own stress level or, like my sister, an acknowledgment of things that are simply done well by others?

(Image: Flickr member bookgrl licensed for use under Creative Commons and Joy the Baker)