The Internet Thinks This Is Proper Dinner Party Etiquette

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Michael G McKinne)

So you’ve been invited to a dinner party. There are some rules for this type of social situation that you’ve definitely heard before: For instance, you should always bring a bottle of wine or some other token as a gift for your host. But these occasions can be tricky to navigate and it’s important to make sure you arrive fully equipped to make a good impression on your fellow guests. Thankfully, Twitter users recently stepped in to offer their advice on what to avoid doing during dinner with the hashtag #BadDinnerPartyEtiquette.

Some of the advice I would hope is obvious. For instance, you should be sure to not remove your bra at the table. That would surely draw more than one raised eyebrow.

And although it might be tempting, you shouldn’t try to pass off your store-bought pie as homemade. No one will judge you if you can’t make a party-worthy pie. Baking pie is hard!

And then there is that advice that you would hope is obvious, but that at least one person needs to hear. For instance, no, you shouldn’t chug your wine in the car before arriving at the party, and yet there always seems to be that one person who shows up a little too drunk and makes it awkward for everyone else.

Speaking of making things awkward for other people, if you don’t like the food you probably shouldn’t show it. There’s always a chance your host isn’t the best cook, but if she was kind enough to open her home to you, you’re better off hiding the fact that you didn’t enjoy the food — rather than spitting it out.

I actually think it’s completely acceptable to serve food on a stick on a formal occasion. I’ve had vegetable and lamb kebabs as a tasty appetizer or an out-of-the-box main course. As long as it’s constructed neatly, and tastes good, you should feel free to try it at your next dinner party. Just goes to show you that there are some rules, even when it comes to dinner parties, that are meant to be broken.