Dinner Party Dilemmas: 25 Questions on Entertaining

Dinner Party Dilemmas: 25 Questions on Entertaining

Faith Durand
Dec 19, 2011

We invite reader questions all year long, and a substantial portion of these end up being on entertaining and dinner parties. What do you make if you have a vegan and a gluten-free guest coming to Thanksgiving? How do you plan how much food to make for a brunch? Got any ideas for a dinner party menu that will knock the socks off your in-laws? These are just a few of the most popular entertaining and dinner party questions from our readers this past year. Read on to see all 25!

• 1 Great Make-Ahead Party Menu for a Big Group?
• 2 Great Make-Ahead Vegetarian Party Snacks & Appetizers?
• 3 Easy Meals for a Casual Family Dinner Party?
• 4 Delicious, Inexpensive Recipes for a Bridal Shower?
• 5 Simple Summer Dinner Menu to Impress My In-Laws?

• 6 Best Snacks & Appetizers to Serve with Aperitifs?
• 7 What Beverages Should I Serve at a Cake Party?
• 8 Great Cocktails & Food for a Speakeasy Birthday Party?
• 9 How Much Food Should I Make for a Brunch Party?

• 10 Mardi Gras: Looking for a Show-Stopping Mardi Gras Party Recipe!
• 11 Mother's Day:Good Mother's Day Lunch for a Small Group?
• 12 Father's Day: Help Me Plan a Seasonal Father's Day Menu!
• 13 Bastille Day: Help Me Plan a Bastille Day Menu
• 14 Halloween: Help Us Plan Our Halloween Party Menu
• 15 Thanksgiving: What Are the Best Appetizers for Thanksgiving Day?
• 16 Thanksgiving: How Can I Slow the Consuming of Thanksgiving Dinner?
• 17 Thanksgiving: Help Me Plan a Post-Thanksgiving Breakfast Bar for a Crowd
• 18 Christmas: Help Me Find a Small, Simple Roast for Christmas Dinner
• 19 Christmas: What Should I Make for the Office Christmas Potluck?
• 20 Christmas: Ideas for Holiday Desserts That Travel Well?

• 5 Festive Brunch Dish That Is Both Vegan & Gluten-Free?
• 6 Flexible, Vegan Main Dish for a Mixed Group?
• 7 Looking for Best Fresh Recipes for a Healthy Potluck Party
• 8 Looking for a Fresh, Vegetarian Easter Menu
• 9 A Romantic, Make-Ahead Vegetarian & Gluten-Free Dinner?

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