Dining Tables from Felled Trees

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s an old walnut tree that has fallen on my parents’ farm. Would anyone, they asked, have an interest in it? Um, “Yes!”, I said. For my own inspiration (and probably for many others’ after Hurricane Irene) I went out searching for dining tables that are made from felled trees:

Here are some favorites from what I found:

  • The dining table at Hudson, New York’s Ten Broeck Cottage is made of pine from the property.
  • This kitchen and dining pavilion featured in Dwell includes a dining table made from a fallen tree.
  • Meyer Wells is a business in the northwest that’s set up upon building tables from felled trees.

If I actually do something with my parents’ old walnut, it won’t be easy. I will have to hire someone with a portable mill to come out to the property and process it. The wood will then need to be either kiln-dried or will need to dry out on its own for at least a year or so. Then, finally, a table could be crafted from it by a woodworker. It would take quite a lot of time and money, but imagine what a treasure such a dining table would be!