Dining Section Roundup: 10.12.05

AGAIN with the Dining Out section. Does anyone in this city cook anymore? Do the folks at the NY Times Dining section think that in this weather we’re actually eating out at all?

New Yorkers will be New Yorkers. Many of us eat out no matter what. No matter the torrential rain. No matter the professional-grade appliances in some of our kitchens. No matter the debt on our credit cards. No matter our cholesterol levels. No matter.

Onward. After flipping past the cover photograph of the big boys of the NYC restaurant scene (Jean Georges Vongerichten, Afred Portale, David Bouley, Drew Nieporent, and Danny Meyer), we find ourselves taking shelter in Florence Fabricant’s usually juicy tidbit news section, Food Stuff. There wasn’t much.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

On Canal Street, All Things Tomato is an interesting little story about a new shop that carries, well, tomatoes. No matter the season. This is a good thing? The shop looks cute, as does the owner Ian Cunningham, so perhaps we’ll pop in the next time we need an out-of-season ‘mater or a can of Campbell’s soup.

Fabricant also reports on Almond, and other nut pastes made by American Almond and available online through Love ‘n Bake. At last, we actually can bake almond biscotti without leaving the comfort of our home!

As for recipes, Mark Bittman gives us an alternative to Tuscan-style roasted vegetables: Roasted Vegetables, Thai Style.

In Would Any Other Frenchman Do This to a Grape? Melissa Clark writes of a chef, Pierre Reboul, who has been working with Concord grapes. If peeling grapes is your game, you might try making the Yogurt with Concord Grapes and Pumpkinseed Crumble.

Here’s to next week being a little more inspirational to those of us actually standing at the stove, waiting for the water to boil, and not the bar, waiting for our table.