Dining Colors: Moody Blues and Yellow

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I was so taken with the colors in this dining room, that I wasn’t even sure what to call it. Simply saying “shades of blue” didn’t really capture the depth and richness of the room. I settled on “moody blues” because the colors seem to shift around and into one another for a very soothing feel, with just a little spark from the yellow.

If we’re getting specific, there look to be shades of cerulean, indigo, slate blue, periwinkle, even a little green here. You might not notice the variations if it weren’t for the contrasting yellow, which seems to put all the other colors into relief.

I absolutely love it, and that’s saying something since I’m normally a black-and-white kind of girl. What do you think? Would you ever go for such a moody color palette in your dining room (or kitchen)?

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(Images: Anne Millet via sfgirlbybay)