Did You Try to Skin a Watermelon over Labor Day Weekend?

(Image credit: Mark Rober | YouTube)

When we first saw the photo of this skinned watermelon, we were flabbergasted. How in the world could you possibly get a watermelon rind off the flesh like that?

Well, Mark Rober has the answer, and we have to admit it’s a little bit of a letdown.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it now to see just how he achieves such a trick. It’s kind of a bummer that it requires two watermelons, right? Even with that minor disappointment, it is a pretty fun idea. Now the trick will be finding someone who hasn’t seen the video so you can show off your fruit carving skills.

If you tried this trick at your Labor Day weekend picnic or barbecue, let us know how it went!

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