Did You Know You Can Eat a Kiwi With a Spoon?

updated May 2, 2019
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(Image credit: Anjali Prasertong)

Peeling kiwi fruits is a slippery business, which is why — unless I’m cutting up the fruit for yogurt or a fruit salad — I prefer to eat them the lazy, quick way: with a spoon!

I learned this trick years ago from the reader comments of Emma’s post about making kiwi push pops; quite a few readers mentioned it as their preferred way to eat kiwi fruit. I tried it and was sold — it’s much quicker and less messy than peeling or cutting the fruit, and makes it easier to eat kiwis at the office, where you might not have a peeler.

All you have to do is cut the fruit in half crosswise and use a metal spoon to scoop out the flesh. You’ll probably get a little kiwi juice on your hand as you scoop, and sometimes the spoon breaks through the skin, but all in all, it’s a speedy, no-fuss way to add a little fruit to your day.

Do you eat kiwis with a spoon?