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Congratulations to All the Graduates from The Kitchn’s Cooking School! Here’s Your Diploma!

updated Aug 3, 2019
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  • Today: Congratulations! Get your certificate of Cooking School graduation!
  • The Goal: 20 lessons, 20 days to become a better cook at home
  • See all the lessons: The Kitchn’s Cooking School

Over the past month we invited you to come along on a cooking school adventure: 20 days, 20 lessons to become a better cook at home. Nearly 20,000 of you jumped in wholeheartedly and it’s been a blast to see how much fun (and learning) this online cooking school format can be! We hope that you finished out strong over the weekend and that you’ve fully graduated now from our Cooking School! If so, guess what? You get a diploma.

Read on to download your own Cooking School diploma, and to tell us what kind of cooking school you’d like to see next!

Get Your Diploma!

Click here to download your own printable PDF Cooking School certificate:

Once you’ve printed out your diploma with your name, take a picture of it with you and tag it #kitchnschool on Instagram or Twitter!

Want to Start Over (or Catch Up)?

While the first run of this Cooking School is over, all of the lessons will stay live on the Cooking School page. So if you want to take any of the lessons again, or share them with someone else, go for it!

What’s Next?

We had so much fun with this cooking school we don’t want to stop! We’re already plotting a Baking School for next year, but we’re curious what else you’d be interested in. Gluten-Free Cooking School? Vegan Cooking School? Indian Cooking School? Tell us! We’d love to hear what you’d like to learn in the kitchen.

And thank you again for making this such a fun first run of The Kitchn’s Cooking School!

The Kitchn’s Cooking School is 20 days, 20 lessons to become a better cook at home. Every day we tackled an essential cooking topic and explain what you should know. Each lesson has three different homework options, so you can choose the one that teaches you what you need. Whether you want to refresh your skills or start from scratch, come to school with us!