Diane’s Canned Jumbo Cherries

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

These are organically-grown black cherries from my backyard tree, and they have a rich, winey flavor, the result of leaving the pits in when canning. (Not only does pitting cherries take forever, but it also robs them of most of their flavor.) They are the size of small crabapples – you really almost need to eat them in two bites.

They are canned in a medium syrup; in some of the jars I tried adding some of the syrup from a jar of Amarena cherries, the preserved wild cherries from Italy, but the wild flavor I was trying to infuse didn’t come across as strongly as I had hoped. In other years I have pickled them with cardamom, allspice, and bay leaves – delicious with a cheddar cheese sandwich and hot tea – brandied them, dried them, and made jams and preserves with them, but simply preserved in syrup is my favorite way to eat them. “