Yes, Even Diane Keaton’s Snacks Have Coastal Grandmother Vibes

published May 27, 2022
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Diane Keaton attends 2021 LACMA's Art+Film 10th Annual Gala at Los Angeles County Museum of Art on November 06, 2021 in Los Angeles, California.
Credit: Getty Images/Frazer Harrison / Staff

When Lex Nicoleta introduced the term “Coastal Grandmother” on TikTok, she described the aesthetic as “Nancy Meyers movies, coastal vibes, recipes and cooking, Ina Garten, cozy interiors and more.” And of course, she made it a point to mention that “no, you don’t have to be a grandmother to be a coastal grandmother.” Her video was peppered with photos of Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give, making the Oscar-winning actress the face of the Coastal Grandmother trend.

Keaton acknowledged her newfound title in her own Instagram video last month, and proved she earned it with a new video tour of her pantry. Captioning the video “SNACK TIME,” it turns out the adorable star of Annie Hall has shelves full of snacks you might find in your grandma’s house, all organized in easy-to-open-and-close see-through containers. 

She shows off her favorite candy, Chimes Toasted Coconut Hard Toffee, then moves on to small boxes of raisins, saying, “I enjoy a raisin. Raisins are good for you and they smell great.” She passes over the oatmeal container, admitting, “I hate oatmeal so let’s forget that one,” and waxes poetic over almonds revealing that it’s her “favorite nut in the world. It’s salty and there’s nothing like it.” She samples a walnut which she says “I don’t like as much, but it’s probably healthier for you,” then opens and closes a container of Hall’s Relief, saying, “I don’t think so.”

Keaton lovingly picks up a box of Nespresso capsules, announcing, “This is life. You’ve got to have this every morning, every night.” She shows off her Laura Scudder’s Peanut Butter — “classic” — before finally reaching the See’s Toffee-ettes. “This is my favorite. I put it far away so no one will see it,” she shares, popping one in her mouth. 

She ends the video with a glimpse of her wine bottles and her Pure Hawaiian Organic White Kiawe Honey, which she says she eats with a spoon and describes as “damn good.” She then wishes everyone the best and says, “If you want to come over and have a nice snack with me, give me a ring.”

Excuse me while I call my favorite coastal grandmother.