5 Brilliant Kitchen Storage Ideas to Steal from This British Design Firm’s Instagram Account

updated Dec 17, 2019
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(Image credit: Studio Firma/Stocksy)

As you probably know, Instagram can lead you down quite the rabbit hole. A rabbit hole of fancy, high-end kitchens that can make you feel even worse about your own kitchen. We discovered this first-hand recently, while Insta-stalking DeVol, a UK-based kitchen design firm. We don’t even know how we got to the account, but once we started, we just couldn’t stop.

The good news, though? The feed isn’t just full of gorgeous pictures — it’s also full of smart ideas that we can steal for our own kitchens. While most of us might not be hiring experts to make over our spaces this year, we can do a few little things to add storage and spiff the space up a bit.

Here are five cool ideas we can’t wait to steal.

1. Add wraparound hooks.

You’ve heard of a wraparound porch — why not wraparound hooks? Because you can’t ever have too many hooks in your kitchen. There’s always something that you can hang to get it up and out of the way. We love how this Edinburgh kitchen uses its hooks to store all the things — cleaning tools and cutting boards, naturally, but also a few decorative touches and a light fixture. How brilliant is that?

2. Turn a drawer into a pantry.

Even the smallest kitchens need pantries, and here’s a pretty ingenious solution. Store grains, seeds, sugar, and spices in tidy Weck jars in deep drawers. It keeps those oft-used items tucked away and out of sight, but still easily accessible.

3. Store things sideways.

Besides that gorgeous blue-green color (Clerkenwell blue), we’re struck by the simple but super-smart storage solution created by two racks. One is mounted against the back of the cabinet, while the second creates a shelf that lets you organize plates, bowls, and other serving dishes sideways instead of stacking them on top of one another. They’ve even left space underneath the “shelf” for a few larger items.

4. Use an S-hook or two.

If you live in a rental kitchen or just don’t have the budget for more involved solutions, allow us to introduce you to the handy S-hook. You can hang almost anything from them: dish towels and aprons, pots and pans, kitchen utensils, and cleaning tools, like you see here in this galley kitchen in Bath, England. Here, they hung scrub brushes right by the sink when they’re needed and can air dry between use. Find them at your local hardware store.

5. Use whatever you’ve got.

No, you probably don’t have a giant pair of antlers hanging in your kitchen, but we love the whimsy of using a piece of art — or really whatever you’ve got — for storage. We like imagining a conversation between the owners: “Where did I put the ladle?” “It’s on the deer, dear!”

What Instagram accounts to you stalk for smart kitchen ideas?