These PB&J Deviled Eggs Are the Most Terrifying Thing You’ll See Online Today

updated Feb 4, 2020
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Credit: Photo by Cathy Scola/Getty Images

If you’re on the lookout for a new, creative ideas for snacks or something to bring to an office potluck, the internet is full of exciting ideas. Well, maybe. That really depends on your definition of exciting.

This week a Twitter user brought to the world’s attention (or, perhaps, invented?) the egg PB and J. Somewhere between deviled eggs and the devil’s eggs lie these hard-boiled egg whites, the yolks messily scraped out as if for deviled eggs, and a new filling of a generous spoonful of jelly and a dollop of peanut butter plopped into the center. Two American classics, coming together to be a part of a single snack — it’s a real heart-warming story. At least if you’re not forced to imagine actually eating the composite culinary creation.

Reactions to the original tweet range from horrified to, well, even more horrified. Plus an occasional modicum of intrigue —“This looks disgusting but I really want to try it” — which seems generous. One would assume this is a joke. (Please, please, let this be a joke!)

Except that if you look around the internet, it seems that while the hard-boiled version is unique (thank heavens), mixing eggs and peanut butter and jelly is not that unusual. Taste of Home offers a peanut butter and jelly omelette, calling it “scrumptious,” and noting that kids will “absolutely devour” it. And Reddit has already tried the peanut butter and jelly and fried egg sandwich in the court of public approval.

As always, it’s best not to yuck anyone’s yum before actually tasting the final product. So the real question is: who is brave enough to be the guinea pig and give this Twitter treat a try?