Desserts in Jars: A Dying Trend?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The day was bound to come. A day in which famed San Francisco pastry chef, Emily Luchetti, has deemed the ‘dessert in jars’ trend to be dying on the vine.

On her blog recently, Luchetti stated that “as someone who strives to make great tasting desserts on a daily basis, what bothers me is part logistics and part pleasure.” In other words, if you’re going to bake a pie in a glass jar, it’s impossible to cook the fruit and the crust simultaneously so one will always be more done than the other. In addition to pie, folks are doing cupcakes in jars resulting in what Luchetti sees as an unnecessary amount of frosting and a dessert that’s just plain difficult to eat.

Luchetti closes her post, pleading, “so please no ice cream sandwiches, napoleons, muffins, or Rice Krispies Treats in jars.” We want to know what you think: do you find some desserts in jars more likeable and charming than others? Or do you agree with Luchetti and think that it’s time to pull the plug on this single-serving phenomena?

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(Image: Megan Gordon)