Vote! Help Us Choose a Quick Dessert for Tomorrow Night

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tomorrow we’re taking dessert to a big dinner with friends. There’s a pie in the works – it involves lavender and wild blueberries from Trader Joe’s ever-so-helpful frozen section. But this won’t be enough – we need something else too. Here are three desserts we’re pondering. We want to complement the pie but we also need something that can be made tonight and stored without a problem. What’s your vote? Click through for links to the recipes pictured above.

Warm Tapioca with Rhubarb Sauce – Advantages: Cheap, easy, and can be made ahead without a hitch. Downer: But does it go with pie?

Mini Chocolate Cupcakes – Advantages: Easy, quick, and they travel well. Also, chocolate would complement blueberries and lavender very well. Downer: Chocolate cupcakes – boring?

Anise Sesame Cookies – Advantages: Very different from pie and we just love the sound of the combination of flavors! Downer: Doesn’t seem to mesh with the menu very well.

Any more ideas for us?