Dessert Leftovers: More Uses for Boozy Whipped Cream

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Yesterday we gave you a recipe for Grilled Peaches with Bourbon Vanilla Whipped Cream. And when we made it, we had quite a bit of leftover whipped cream. Luscious, liquor-spiked, sweet whipped cream. What to do with it, besides just eating it with a spoon? Read our ideas, below…

It’s hard to make a small amount of whipped cream. Even starting with one cup of liquid will yield a pretty big bowl. So… to use it up:

1. Put it in your coffee. Yep, we hit the sauce before 10 a.m. (It was a weekend!) The whipped cream leaves a frothy layer on the top of the coffee as it melts, and there’s just enough booze to give you a whiff but not a shot. Also works, more appropriately, for after dinner coffee.

2. Dress up a simple bowl of berries. Sprinkle cinnamon, mint, or chocolate shavings, and you immediately have a more sophisticated dessert.

3. Fold it into pudding. We sometimes froth up our chocolate pudding by adding Cool Whip, which increases the volume (stretching one recipe) and makes it mousse-like. Even better if the whipped cream is real… Or, just put a spoonful on top of pudding cups for an adult dessert.

4. Layer it into a trifle. Turn leftover cake, plus a few berries or a banana, into a trifle — the flavored whipped cream adds another dimension.

5. Serve it like fondue. Mound the leftovers into a bowl and serve it with an assortment of berries or cookies (try for ones that aren’t too crumbly, so they don’t leave a mess in the whipped cream). Have toothpicks ready and let your friends dip in.

Any other ideas? How would you use boozy whipped cream?

(Image: Flickr member iirraa, licensed under Creative Commons)