Dessert Inspiration: Porcelain Forest Branch Bowl

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In the springtime, sometimes our tableware is our recipe book. We talked about quick dessert recipes yesterday and how cream over fruit is one of the best and easiest desserts we know.

Well, add a beautiful and striking piece of tableware, and you’ve just elevated even that sublime dessert into something truly special.

Food is so simple in the spring – especially desserts. No cooking required for these luscious berries.

So our collection of pretty white and silver dishes sometimes acts as inspiration for our cooking; what can I put on this miniature cake plate? What can I put in this bowl that will attract all senses – sight, smell, taste.

The art of the table, after all, is not just about getting food in our stomachs. It’s about delighting all the senses and heightening our experiences of food as a blessing and a joy.

Or maybe we are just trying to justify buying this gorgeous white bowl from Carolyne Roehm. Maybe a little of both. But wouldn’t it be easy to put a bowl of strawberries on the table and call it a day?

Do you have any tableware that inspires you to cook or bake? What is it?