Dessert in a Flash: Think Like a 7-Year-Old

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Remember when the highlight of highlights in your life was creating the best ice cream sundae? Think of one of those massive sundae bars complete with bowls of gummi bears, chocolate chips, caramel sauce, and three flavors of ice cream. So why not let childhood inspiration lead your next dessert menu? Read on for a clever no-fuss dessert guide.

Mark Bittman states the obvious here: When you want dessert fast, think like a 7-year-old and have some ice cream with some cookies (and maybe whipped cream on top too). But he does add some grown-up twists, thankfully.

Whether you’re in a dessert rut or just looking for something new, one minute with Mark Bittman’s cute chart and you’ll be making your own shortbread whipped ricotta with honey, caramel popcorn and fresh kiwi. Or whatever your stomach desires!

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