Designer of Iconic “Jazz” Pattern Revealed

(Image credit: Nathan Papes/News-Leader)

An Internet sleuth — or hero, depending on how you look at it — tracked down the original designer of the “Jazz” pattern.

This iconic pattern appears on disposable cups, plates, and bowls across the country — at fried seafood joints and ice cream shops, and everywhere in between.

Of course, this crowd-sourced investigative journey started on a Reddit thread. From this thread, it was discovered that the design was first created by a woman named Gina at the Sweetheart Cup Company in Springfield, Missouri.

Writer Thomas Gounley, of News-Leader, then went to great lengths to find out the rest of the story, almost giving up after reaching a bunch of dead ends, until he came across a tweet from someone claiming to be the daughter of the “Gina” in question.

That tweet lead Gounley to Gina Ekiss, who designed the pattern when “an internal contest to design a new stock image for the company was announced in 1989.”

Phew! Now we can all rest easy tonight.