Alessi Bakeware by Matali Crasset and Pierre Hermé

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The world of high end kitchen design can feel a bit awkward and cold compared to the well worn patina on the wooden spoons passed down through your family. It’s easy to be standoffish, but when form meets function and beauty as it does in these new pieces from Matali Crasset — well then we’re all ears.

We’re often guilty of saying, “Well if they ever cooked a day in their life, then they wouldn’t have made that.” Though it sounds snooty (jeez, we’re such jerks!), it is true that when aesthetics are applied to kitchen tools, sometimes form comes before function. Although pieces are designed to look amazing sitting in our cupboards and on our counters, they don’t really have what it takes to get the job that is required of them done.

So when we saw these goods from Matali Crasset for Alessi, we were pleasantly surprised. Crasset sat down with pastry chef Pierre Hermé to develop these pieces that have it all when it comes to functionality and aesthetic beauty. There’s a cake plate, mixing bowl, spatula and detachable whisk set, each designed with loving care.

We’re particularly fond of the cake plate, which is made up of concentric circles that are balanced to sit upon each other off center, or to sit nested together to form a more traditional plate. Do you have a favorite piece? Let us know in the comments below!

(via: Designboom)
(Images: Alessi)