Design Friday: Wearable Cutlery from Dining in 2015

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of the major trends we noticed in these up and coming designs was the idea of adaptable cutlery that you wear or that molds to your hand in some way. Check out a few from this trend and tell us, would you use cutlery that fits over your fingertips?

There are a lot of fingertip cutlery options here; is this the wave of the future, and why?

fingers by alberto ghirardello from italy

eat with your fingers by key portilla-kawamura + Ali Ganjavian from spain

finger-interest by : sinan mu + Designer:Mu Sinan from china

manger sur le pouce (grab a quick bite to eat) by pinaffo marion from France

tableware it by lupu andra oana from romania

FINGER CUTLERY by jie zhu from china.