Design a Culinary Piñata for CHOW

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Our friends at CHOW out in San Francisco always have something fun up their sleeves: now they want to create a CHOW piñata for Cinco de Mayo, and they’re asking for ideas for piñata stuffings.

If you have any great ideas for small eatable, drinkable or food-related items that you think would fill the piñata nicely, Email them (and tell them The Kitchen sent you!) Nothing breakable, burstable, delicate or otherwise painful if released upon someone’s head, please. They’ve had a few in-house ideas: plastic airport bottles of Fernet Branca, vanilla beans, Salty Double Zout licorice from the Netherlands, and Pu-erh tea pucks, but they know you can do better!

If they use any of ideas, your name will be entered into a raffle to win the piñata, which CHOW will make with their own hands and ship to you. They can’t promise it will be in time for Cinco de Mayo, but you’ll like it anyway.