Denture Tablets Are the Budget-Friendly Cleaning Product You Never Knew You Needed

published Jun 3, 2022
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Credit: Rebekah & Graeme

If there’s one thing we love here at Kitchn, it’s a good cleaning hack (like this all-natural DIY fridge-cleaning spray). So, when we saw a recent Instagram Reel from organization account @alifebetterorganized about a “magic cleaner,” it immediately had our attention.

In the Reel, Debbie highlights an unsuspecting “budget-friendly magic cleaner” that may come as a surprise to us all: denture tablets! (Yes, those fizzy tablets that clean dentures and retainers.)

As it turns out, they can also be used to clean soap scum and hard water buildup. Debbie recommends adding a few tablets to bathroom areas like the sink, faucet, bathtub, toilet, and even the toilet tank, and letting them soak for a few hours. “[Denture tablets] will save you cleaning time with no heavy scrubbing, and they cost less than 6 cents per tablet,” the voiceover says.

To clean your faucet, place a tablet and some water in a small plastic bag, submerge the faucet in the mixture, and use a rubber band to hold the bag in place.”Not just for dentures … These tablets are a win-win,” the Reel caption reads. “No harsh chemicals, easy on the pocket, saves you hours of scrubbing, and really works!”

You can check out the step-by-step video here and in the meantime, we’re definitely putting denture tablets on our shopping list and bookmarking this to try soon.

What are your favorite cleaning hacks?