There’s a Secret Ingredient in These Pancakes. Can You Guess What It Is?

(Image credit: I Wash…You Dry )

I’ve never seen a pancake quite like this one. To the naked eye it looks like the special ingredient is probably rainbow sprinkles, or that the pancakes are actually made out of Funfetti cake batter. These assumptions, however, would be incorrect. Can you guess what the secret ingredient is?

The secret ingredient is cereal! To be exact, it’s the forever colorful Trix. Now before you get scared or distraught over the idea of adding two breakfast items together, consider the textural possibilities of such a pancake. Would the combination of the crispy cereal and the fluffy pancake be incredible? Or just a sugary overload? I have no idea, but I’d definitely would give it a chance.

Get the Recipe: Trix Pancakes from I Wash…You Dry