Definitely Try This! Tea-Infused Hot Chocolate

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Want to add a little twist to your mug of cocoa tonight? Since it started getting chilly outside, we’ve been experimenting with steeping various teas in our hot chocolate and getting surprisingly delicious results. Peppermint and sweet vanilla teas are only the beginning!

We actually got this idea last spring from the menu at Tealuxe in Boston, Massachusetts, and have been waiting all summer until the weather turned cold enough to try it ourselves! Being a tea store, they were using blends of teas instead of extracts or syrups to add an extra boost of flavor to cups of hot chocolate. The tea adds a subtle undertone of flavor without becoming bitter or overwhelming the drink.

Definitely try mint tea first, if you like minty-chocolate combinations. Vanilla and caramel-flavored teas also add a nice mellow sweetness. We actually have a vanilla-hazelnut tea that is really excellent!

Flavored and herbal teas aren’t the only ones that work well. Earl grey adds really interested citrus notes, and green tea gives the chocolate a bit of its signature sweet musky flavor. It would also be fun to play around with chai tea mixes.

Have you ever tried tea-infused hot chocolate? What other tea flavors do you think would work well?

(Image: Flickr member Just SallyRye licensed under Creative Commons)