A Classic Snack, State Fair-Style: Deep-Fried Banana Bread

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When it comes to a breakfast or even end-of-day treat, in my book there’s nothing finer than a piece of banana bread. Simple, tasty and nostalgic — it gets me every time. But what if you deep-fried a slice of your mom’s banana bread and made it taste like a churro? Get in line, people, get in line.

I’m always curious to see what’s happening over at Spoon Fork Bacon and this banana bread makeover from Jenny is exactly why I frequent the blog so darn much. How do you make your family heirloom recipe better? Why you cut it into squares and deep fry it of course!

For those that are feeling a little anti towards frying she does suggest oven-baking the squares before tossing them in a tasty cinnamon sugar mixture. There’s even a melty ice cream espresso sauce to go with the golden nuggets if you so desire!

It could be a great way to end a night or even road trip snack for those who still have some adventure left in their summer. Want to see how it’s made?

Get the Recipe: Banana Bread Churro Bites from Spoon Fork Bacon

(Image: Jenny of Spoon Fork Bacon)