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‘Tis the Season to Deep Clean These 5 Hardworking Areas of Your Kitchen

updated Nov 21, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Gingerbread houses, roast turkeys, cinnamon rolls: The holidays are our kitchens’ time to shine. But first, we need to literally make them shine. Giving your kitchen a deep clean now — we’re talking cupboards, fridge, those corners you never notice — will pay off for months.

Not only is it more comfortable to cook in a clean kitchen, but it’ll make maintenance tidying much simpler in this season of constant cocktail parties, family dinners, and cookie swaps. Plus, with the Shark Hydrovac™ XL 3-in-1 Vacuum, Mop & Self-Cleaning System, cleaning has never been easier (or more satisfying). So crank up your favorite cleaning bops and follow our checklist for getting your kitchen ready for a cooking marathon. Then treat yourself to takeout tonight.

Clean Your Cabinets

We’re going to be honest: We have no idea when we last did this. But now is the time! Empty the cabinets, then clear out all the crumbs, dust, and debris. Just wipe it out onto the floor for now; we’re going to deal with it in a minute. If you don’t want to tackle all of your cabinets, prioritize the ones where food and grease are likeliest to accumulate, like cupboards that hold cookware and pantry items.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Organize Your Cookware

You know that one pot lid that falls out every time you open the cupboard? On Thanksgiving day, it just might be the thing that makes you fling mashed potatoes at the wall. Now that your cupboards are clean (look at you go!), streamline your storage so that everything is secure and within easy reach. Keep like pieces together, and make sure that seasonal items — like that roasting pan that’s usually buried at the bottom of the cupboard — are accessible. If you’ll have lots of guests in the kitchen, you might even consider labeling cupboards and drawers to avoid a game of 20 Questions where each one is “Where does this go?”

Check Your Dates — All of the Them

Spoiler alert: Your cream of tartar is expired. Hit the fridge and pantry and check everything for funky smells, low supplies, and ancient expiration dates. Purge as needed, and keep a running list of what you’re getting rid of so that you can re-up easily. While you’re at it, jot down anything you think you’ll need in bigger quantities — butter, flour, yeast — and make sure you have adequate room in your fridge, freezer, or pantry to store a holiday-sized supply.

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Dust Everywhere You Usually Don’t

Want your kitchen to feel really clean? Grab your duster and hit all those hidden zones that we typically ignore forget about. We like to start at the top: the window and cabinet frames, the top of the refrigerator, the oven hood. Don’t forget those awkward nooks, like the space between the oven and counter, where a lot of gunk can accumulate. As you work your way downward, just sweep everything onto the floor again. And then…

Credit: Photo: Armando Rafael; Stylist: Margaret Ward

Sweep and Mop (at the Same Time!)

Now that you have a pretty clean kitchen and pretty gross floors, it’s time for the most satisfying step: sucking up all the dirt, dust, and grime you just collected (plus those small messes and spills from throughout the week). The Shark Hydrovac™ XL 3-in-1 Vacuum, Mop & Self-Cleaning System is up for the challenge, with an advanced three-in-one cleaning system that vacuums, mops, and self-cleans simultaneously. Designed for hard floors and area rugs, its power combo of superior suction and hydro mopping works magic on wet and dry messes — fast. You’ll have a streak-free, walkable surface in minutes. The self-cleaning antimicrobial brush roll stays fresh, and the multi-surface cleaning concentrate neutralizes odors. So your kitchen will smell as clean as it looks.