Decorate Your Table With Fall Vegetables

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of the best parts of fall (besides the flavors) is the abundance of root vegetables that are not only tasty meals, but also make for fabulous centerpieces. By now, we’re not new to the idea of food instead of flowers, but it’s a great time for a reminder!

Victoria over at A Subtle Revelry is always dressing up a pretty table, but recently she sent out a reminder to folks that you can make this pretty little setup with very little effort. While fresh-cut flowers will really only last a week, even with proper care, these vegetables will have more purpose than hitting the trash can when it’s time to redecorate the table.

If your vegetables are coming from the garden, make sure and keep the roots. You can place them in a container of water to expose them and keep them fresh for even longer. Check out Victoria’s tips on creating this look at home over at Subtle Revelry.

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