Decorate Your Dessert Tableware With Powdered Sugar

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Setting a pretty table is a must, but to be quite honest, I’ve never considered this little trick before. The image on the plate above isn’t paint. In fact, it was stamped on and is made of powdered sugar. Yup, sugar!

This look was created for a wedding, and the plates were meant for slices of wonderful wedding cake. Instead of using fancy printed china the wedding caterer created a simple design on the plates by mixing food coloring and powdered sugar. The mixture was combined and then applied with a rubber stamp (like the kind you find at the craft store).

Even if you’re not big on the design pictured above, it’s still a fun tip to keep in mind. You can find all sorts of stamps or alter the placement, heck, even create your own design and stamp if you want. It’s an easy idea to embellish your dinnerware and make something unusual and different for your next big bash.

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(Image: Paper Source)