5 Things You Need to Declutter Before Spring

updated Apr 30, 2019
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Spring is just a few weeks away and you know what that means: warmer weather, yes, but also spring cleaning! Whether or not you participate in the unofficial tidying rite of passage, there are a few things you can declutter now before spring hits. This way, if you’re going to do some spring cleaning, you’ve made things a little easier for Future You. And if you’re not, at least you’ve done something to get things feeling lighter and brighter.

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1. Spices

Ground spices and dried herbs have a shelf life of about one to two years, so you can generally leave them be most of the year. But each spring, it’s time to give them a sniff test. Anything that’s lacking a strong smell deserves to be tossed (they won’t hurt you if you cook with them, but they’ll be less potent in your dishes). This will free up some space in your pantry and, if you have to rebuy anything, it will also ensure your spring dishes are as flavorful as possible.

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2. Cookbooks

If you’re like us, “summer reading” includes cookbooks. (Maybe even exclusively?) Take a minute to go through all your cookbooks and pull out the ones that you haven’t opened in years. If you think that streak will continue, it’s time to donate them. While you’re at it, separate all the cookbooks that focus on spring dishes and summer veggies and put those wintery comfort food–centric ones deeper back on the shelf.

3. Cleaning supplies

Like spices, your cleaning supplies won’t last forever. Check to see what’s expired and what’s nearly empty, so that you can get rid of the stuff you don’t need and stock up on everything else so that you’re prepared the next time the cleaning urge strikes. Toss brushes that are gross and grimy, and group supplies that will be used together.

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4. Fridge and freezer

Make room for fresh produce and all those homemade ice pops that are in your future! Clean out any mystery leftovers, group like ingredients with like, and put stuff that needs to be used up closer to the front.

More on Decluttering the Fridge and Freezer

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5. Anything seasonal

If you still have pine-scented candles, holiday table linens, or other winter stuff out in the kitchen, it’s time to put it away. Now would also be time to evaluate how your ice pop molds are holding up or if your melamine dishes are in good shape, and inspect all other summer stuff.

What are some other things you declutter this time of year?