December Cooking: What Do You Want to Eat Right Now?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

December is a strange month for cooks. On the one hand, it seems like the only food in the news is holiday related: Food gifts like caramels and fudge, and holiday sweets, like Christmas cookies and fruitcake. On the other hand, cooks cannot live by cookies alone. Dinner must be made! What do you cook this time of year, this time sandwiched between Thanksgiving and gingerbread houses?

Personally, I’ve been looking for reasonably healthy yet warming dishes that are filling but not too much work to prepare. The poblano and potato gratin pictured above looks terrific. Here are a few more recipes from Gourmet that I am eyeing. (Oh yeah, I am also rapidly scavenging dear departed Gourmet‘s website for recipes and saving them as fast as I can!)

What about you? Are you deep into holiday cooking and baking, or are you letting that go for now and starting in on winter soups and stews? What are you cooking, and what are you craving right now?

(Image: Ditte Isager/Gourmet)